Accordion Craft Academy, Tier 2

The second tier of training at the Accordion Craft Academy in Castelfidardo, Italy went much more in depth on a number of the basics of repair covered in the first tier.  We also delved into tuning theory.

Elke showing us key pad adjustment issues.
Cleaning reeds.

We replaced pallet pads and re-waxed pallets in place.  We also spent a good amount of time on reed work.  We removed reed plates from the block for cleaning, re-leathering and rough tuning.  We also re-waxed the reed blocks.  There was also a good focus on tuning, beginning with basic tuning theory.

Carlo, who we met briefly at the Victoria factory, came in to teach us some about the process of tuning.  Carlo tunes all of the Victoria accordions before they leave the factory.  It was truly special to learn from someone who tunes accordions all day, every day.

Carlo demonstrates tuning procedures.

Outside of class, I spent most of my time eating, walking and sleeping.  Classes were intense enough to leave me rather exhausted at the end of the day.  In a very good way.

Headed down to my apartment.

Overall, the second tier was incredibly full of learning!  I left already looking forward to returning for more training in the future!

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