About Squeezebox Surgeon

We offer repair and restoration services for all accordions, concertinas, bandoneons, and other free reed instruments in SE Portland, Oregon.


I’m David Beer.  I repair accordions. I am your Squeezebox Surgeon!

I’ve received certified training in Castelfidardo, Italy with the Accordion Craft Academy as well as with Dr. Helmi Harrington in Superior, Wisconsin at  A World of Accordions Museum, home of the Accordion & Concertina Repair Technician School.  I work with all families of free reed instruments including accordions, concertinas, diatonic button boxes, and bandoneons.

Accordion Craft Academy operates in heart of Castelfidardo, Italy.  Elke and Ricardo provide in depth and ongoing training for accordion repair technicians.  You can read more about my experiences at their school in my blog posts for Tier 1 and Tier 2.

A World of Accordions Museum is located in Superior, WI.  Not only is it the largest accordion museum in the world, it also has the only accordion and concertina repair school in the US.  I’ve received certification for a short basic repair seminar, as well as a month-long intensive training seminar.  The month long seminar included working with all members of the accordion family including piano accordions, button chromatic accordions, free bass and converter bass construction, bandoneons, all concertina family members, and diatonic button accordions of all types.

If you’re looking for accordion repairs, overhauls, cleaning and tuning contact Squeezebox Surgeon!

Squeezebox Surgeon